Always allow your Spouse to Travel with you for Companionship

Always allow your Spouse to Travel with you for Companionship

Considering that the worst enemy for retirees is boredom, you should always consider travelling around not alone but with your close friend. In most cases, a close friend who knows you better is your wife or husband. As much as you may want to travel with someone else such as you grandchildren, it is important to make sure that you travel with someone more closely. Your wife is the closest person you can ever have. If you have a series of places to go, don’t leave your wife behind. Make sure that you travel with him/her always.

Why travel with your spouse?

There are three main reasons why you need to travel with your partner always. The first one is that your partner will be a source of communication. Travelling to far places needs you to have someone who you can always turn to and talk with. Talking, as scientist say, is crucial for our wellbeing because whenever we talk, we tell our fears, speak our minds out and get some form of solace and encouragement from others. Communication or conversation with others helps you feel like someone cares about you and your happiness can always be derived from talking and communicating with someone.

Secondly, travelling with your wife is one of the ways of ensuring that there is someone who can help you along the way. In most case, our wives are younger than we are. I mean as we speak, my wife is younger than I am by 6 years. Considering that she is 54 and am 65, then it means that she is still in a position to help do some things for me. Travelling with your spouse is therefore a source of support as your spouse will support you in various was along the way.

Thirdly, travelling with your spouse earns you respect as people respect older people who are still in their marriages even at that old age. Travelling alone could be an open avenue to fraudsters. In the coastal regions of Kenya, elderly tourists travelling alone have at once in their lifetime faced the challenges that comes with fraud. Many of the elderly travelling alone have been swayed into entering into relationship that eventually drains them of their financial resources. With that idea in mind, it is important to make sure that you always consider travelling with your spouse.