Seniors should accept themselves and be Pro-Active in Self-Care

Seniors should accept themselves and be Pro-Active in Self-Care

There are those seniors who until now, they have not come to terms with the idea that they have actually attained the age of 65 and that they have retired eventually. This happens basically for ladies. Senior ladies may find it difficult to accept the fact that they are old. In fact they may not agree with those people who try to call them grandma. For such people, they will look or ways to stay younger and younger all the time. This is not right for seniors as it will make you feel like you are the odd one out. This will also be a source of stress for you. The best thing is to accept and here are a number of ways to accept.

Allow people to refer to you as Grandparent or senior

The first step in accepting who you are and doing awaywith stress is by accepting those names that have been put in place for us. Forexample, in most case, the community will refer senior to as retirees, theelderly, the old and old ma. These are some of the names that people will giveyou as soon as they see some grey hair on your head. These names are not meantto belittle you or make you feel like you are lesser members of the society.Never stress yourself up trying to tell people that you are not yet old. Thebest thing to do is accept and say YES. Visit the following site for 2020 medicare advantage information

Allow others to take care of you

Sometimes, for those who have not accepted who they are, they may not want people to help them as they feel like people see them as sickly and worthless. That is not the case here because those who help seniors have a good heart and are always willing to help. In order to feel at ease with yourself, always make sure that you allow other to help you when they can. If you are alone and want to use the stairs, you will certainly need someone who will hold your hand and help you go where you want to go.

Appreciating your seniority is the first step that we seniors need to take so that we can accept what people are doing for us. This is another way of being pro-active. This is also a source of satisfaction crucial for your senior age